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Paul K. Chappell’s Struggle & Victory Over Racism, War, and Rage

Paul K. Chappell, Peace Literacy Director, with Yume (“Dream” in Japanese), mascot for the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (NAPF).

Who Is Paul K. Chappell?

Paul graduated from West Point Academy, served seven years as an officer in the U.S. Army — during which he deployed to Iraq and wrote two books. Afterward, he became (and remains) the Peace Literacy Director for the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.

He’s the author of the seven-book series The Road to Peace (seventh book to be published in 2022). He shares the lessons he learned as a soldier and adult healing himself of life-changing traumas from childhood, war, and racism.

At West Point, Paul learned how waging peace, as people like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi did…

Paul K. Chappell, Peace Literacy & Inner Strength

Paul K. Chappell, Peace Literacy Director of the NAPF; Photo By Tom Cogill


I’ve never had the experience of someone speaking my mind so fluently. I’d rather this were a dream than something really happening right in front of me. I’m left with no other choice but to be in love.

Why not? I’m not doing anything else romantically, so I can take whatever catches my heart; hug it and cuddle with it if I want.

So what if it’s only in my mind and not realistic. That isn’t important right now.

Crushes are temporary anyway. It’s not like we’re going to get married or anything. …

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Lessons, Empathy, and Some Hair Pulling

I just finished watching a video (link at end of article) by Charlotte Dobre about people being rejected. This prompted me to recall some of the rejections I’ve survived — happily. I’ll be 45 this month, so I have many.

We’ve all experienced rejection of some type in our lives, whether it was a cat that wouldn’t let you pet it, a job you wanted but didn’t get, or a crush you hoped would become a mutual romance but, instead, completely ignored you.

These are lessons. Sometimes, rejections can make us aware of things we need to change or improve…

Awesome. A new writer for me to explore. Thank you for sharing his words with us. I will be sure to get his books now.

This article has brought to my mind so many insights I've had in my spiritual searching. I will try to keep this as concise as I can. Keeping with this article's main point, the Bible being used as an idol is quite an irony to what's written in it, isn't it? This made me think of what Jesus said, basically, that He (Jesus) is in God and we are in Jesus. That means we are all one with both Jesus and God. So, whenever we put anything before ourselves, as being higher than us or ignoring our inner selves to…

Yes. Thank you. Finally, the truth comes out. The only things that come naturally are conception and birth. Everything else is a lot of effort, guessing, and patience. I also have three of my own. Mine are all grown up now. My youngest is in high school--thank goodness! I don't know how I survived their younger years, let alone how they survived them with me not always knowing what I was doing. Somehow, we've all made it safe and sound. What an adventure parenthood is. Very good article. I've also signed up for your email list. I look forward to more of your articles.

Yes. You do a good job of pointing out the wish for peace for everyone, while showing that we all also need to be willing to support and accept everyone no matter how different they are from us. Mary is the icon for grace, long-suffering, and faithfulness in the face of hardship that brings us the miracles we ask for. No matter what our religion is, what our sexual preference is, or what our economic standing is, we are all equally a part of what makes the world what it is. Every person is equally responsible for the growth of peace in the world. The more of us who strive for peace, the more it will exist in all of our lives. We are all blessed. Thank you for this wonderful article, Zuby.

Amen! In our struggles with eachother, if we use our love instead of our pain to communicate with others, we receive love in return. If the other person doesn't give you the love, at least you can feel it for yourself knowing you've used love toward them. No regrets in surrendering to the part of us that wants peace. Great article, Shantae!

You make a meaningful and heartfelt point. When others can't see the beautiful and special person we are, that lets us know it's time to move ourselves to a different group of individuals. Take the road less traveled, the road that leads to knowing that you are worthy of being respected and admired for the person you are. When we can do it for ourselves, it allows others who are like us to see us and join us. Great article, Vashni.

Your personal knowledge and experience is helpful to many people. Keep it up.


The ignorant will laugh at me; but the wise will understand. Not because I’m wise; because the wise seek to understand — not to judge.

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